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Zihayar is a leading company export Vanaspati ghee by controlled hydrogenation of permitted vegetable oils. Our team gives 100% in picking Vanaspati ghee that is made with edible oils with vitamins and sesame oil. Our team exports uniform solid products as required in the market. Ghee is manufactured in a modern multistage and prefers a hygienically controlled plant. It exports under constant technical supervision. They are made concerning changing oils and prefer only for taste and odorless. It has nice tempting granules made according to the user requirements. Then, it will automatically update with high aroma and taste added to the foods.

Our company exports such as high-quality Vanaspati ghee according to the customer’s requirements. They are finely picked and mix them to give aroma flavor. Our exported Vanaspati ghee is used in most Indian Kitchens and useful for the best cooking medium. They can use for deep frying, sauteing, and making sweets. They are widely used by hotels and preferred by most chefs around Gulf countries. Our exported Vanaspati ghee gives enhanced taste in Biryani, Samosas, and so on. It helps to increase the shelf life of fried products. So, our company exports this kind of Vanaspati ghee preferable for you. It is made according to user requirements. You can get high-quality ghee from us and we export as per your budget. It gives an outstanding solution and you will find out exported Vanaspati ghee from us.

Our exported Vanaspati ghee gives aroma taste and you will get safe from us. We are always working for you and guide to give satisfaction forever. It gives effective outcomes by ordering our exported ghee from us. We used to give high-quality ghee suitable for your kitchen purpose. Our friendly team understand the requirements and deliver the Vanaspati ghee within simple steps. So, order us and ready to get our first class ghee products at an affordable price. It gives outstanding benefits to the customers who want healthy and hygienic ghee for your desires. Also, it is used by industrial uses which give excellent choices for your food preparation.