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Our ghee products are out to sale in the market with the FDA approved.  Hence the buyer spends their hard earning money on such the gee product. Our company hold ISO certificate so the buyer can feel free to order and get a worthier product for your money. On having a certificate on each product which provides significant benefits. It helps to find out and prevent the ghee and other food product hazards from contaminating food. It is more effective in the market and reduces the common barriers to international trade. It can meet food safety legal compliance and other corporate needs.

This certification undergoes to all process in the food chain. Then it impacts the safety to the product. Every product manufacture and test under the right method. As a result, it assures to meet all qualities to make use of the food product in a risk-free manner.  We obtain stage 1 and stage 2 audit certification so the buyer can feel free to buy and make use for different process. To meet all needs, we associated with the various international certification bodies according to the religious guidelines of a diverse community.